Nigeria is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies and populations, with a projected 402 million inhabitants by 2050, with a growing middle class and rising GDP growth rate (currently impacted by COVID-19). Despite this growth, Nigeria still faces challenges regarding food security, employment and reliance on imported commodities, and therefore foreign exchange rates (FOREX).

Through the Insect4Feed project, the Nigerian and Dutch government are collaborating to promote the implementation of circular agricultural solutions in the animal feed industry.

The Insect4Feed project will consist of activities classified into 5 Horizons. Each of these horizons will focus on a specific part of the ecosystem that will be built to support Nigeria’s insect production sector.

Here are the Five Horizons

Horizon 1 – Insect & Input Screening Centre

This horizon comprises research activities to adapt existing insect rearing systems and potential substrates to the local Nigerian context, dependent on the climate, resources available and optimization of rearing for Nigerian conditions.

Horizon 2 – Business Development

To support new insect production businesses, an incubation programme for insect entrepreneurs will be set-up and implemented. The programme will comprise practical rearing training, business support and facilitation of finance and access to materials and a start-up location for the selected participants.

Horizon 3 – Input Industry

Horizon 3 will focus on the development of the supporting input industry that feeds into and surrounds the insect production sector. This includes the set-up of a technical backstopping service for long-term knowledge embedding and technical support, material suppliers, egg supply, substrate supply and related logistical services.

Horizon 4 – Markets & Scaling

To open the market for insects as a feed ingredient, horizon 4 will focus on the engagement of relevant sector stakeholders such as feed millers, poultry producers and fish producers to introduce insects as a feed ingredient, and to assess the required quality properties and standards expected by these stakeholders, and therefore as potential buyers.

Horizon 5 – Industry Development

To ensure long-term collaboration and coordination within the Nigerian insect industry, a user group will be set-up to form a central platform through which industry wide challenges can be addressed, and experiences can be shared between producers.

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